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Could your Scars be a cause of your Pain or Movement dysfunction?

1️⃣ Scars are very important to work with whenever working to improve pain, movement or posture as they can be causes of clinical failure...

2️⃣ In any one active scar, no matter how long ago it happened, it could contain multiple sensory dysfunctions in it. Meaning that multiple sensory neurons in the same scar could be effected. This is why one of the first things we work on when it comes to movement or musculoskeletal disorders are scars.

3️⃣ Just today I worked on two scars around the ankle and achilles for a client. Each scar had many different types of dysfunctions in them. Each time they walked the scars were triggering muscular weakness patterns all the way up the chain, leading to altered movement patterns.

4️⃣ Scars are often composed of Golgi (fascia/ligament/tendon) receptors but all other types of receptors can be affected by the scar including emotional pathways and autonomic (sympathetic) receptors, especially if there was emotional trauma such as the case for C-section scars. Many women who experience back pain after C-section are usually caused by this receptor activation in the scar weakening the abdominals etc.

5️⃣Any surgery is still considered an existential threat by the nervous system, even if you knew you were being operated on. Scars cause myofascial adhesions that distort the signalling between the tissues and the brain.

6️⃣ Scars can even effect organ function via the acupuncture meridians via their connection to an organ. For instance people experiencing reflux or inability to break down foods properly have had a scar on the Stomach meridian that runs up the front of the leg. Scars will break communication along the meridian line.

7️⃣ According to the research article Karl Lewit MD, scars are an important cause of therapeutic failure, and we have seen that prove correct a few times for sure. Search these research articles: Clinical Importance of Active Scars by Levin and Skin Fascia and Scars: Symptoms and Systemic connection by Bordini for more info. Seek a practitioner who works with scars if you believe they are the cause. We have a very specific approach to working with them however there are many ways to correct them.

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