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Free Educational Resources

Movement and Pain Discussion

A short conversation between Nick Moss, Director of Functional Neuro Health and Darren Cox Founder of Total Reformation discussing how Pain effects movement. 

Primitive Reflexes and Neural Development Podcast

Listen to this fascinating podcast with Sally Goddard Blythe. Sally is the Director of the Institute for Neuropshyiological Psychology (INPP) and the author of a number of books on childhood development, learning and associated learning, behavioral and emotional issues. Nick and Sally discuss Primitive and Postural reflexes and how they affect proper neurological development.

Mini Lecture: The Neurology of Movement and Posture

In this lecture Nick will be giving a brief overview of the different sensory maps that the brain uses to keep itself safe, orient to the world, fight gravity, and ‘see the body’, to support posture and movement.

Bio Optimisation Strategies for Reducing Stress in 2020

In the webinar masterclass with Alex Tyson from iHealth Saunas, Nick talks about stress and how to manage it naturally. He covers the phases and responses to stress, why we get stressed, and several simple but profound exercises to implement in your daily health rituals. Enjoy!

Sweat it out Podcast with ihealth Saunas CEO Alex Tyson

Listen to Nick and Alex chat about all things health and wellness while they both sweat it out in one of Alex's amazing Infrared Saunas. The cameras cut out after around 40 mins but keep listening as there are some gems of insight in there.  

Neurology 101 with Dr Eric Cobb from Z Health

A fantastic and informative presentation detailing the simplicity of how neurology works.

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