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Integrated Vitality Podcast

Welcome the Integrated Vitality Podcast where we discuss all things health, with a focus on neuroscience, integrative and functional medicine, alternative medicine, movement and personal growth. 

We speak to world class professionals from all over the world to learn how they have revolutionised the way we understand the human experience.


Episode#1:The Power of the Lymphatic System with Dr Perry Nickelston

World renowned practitioner and educator Dr Perry Nickelston talks with Director Nick Moss about the power of the Lymphatic system and how that impacts both the Brain and Immune System. 

Episode#2:Primitive Reflexes and Neural Development Podcast

Listen to this fascinating podcast with Sally Goddard Blythe. Sally is the Director of the Institute for Neuropshyiological Psychology (INPP) and the author of a number of books on childhood development, learning and associated learning, behavioral and emotional issues. Nick and Sally discuss Primitive and Postural reflexes and how they affect proper neurological development.

Episode#3: Applying the Holistic approach in practice with Matt Sorenson

Matt is a specialist in corrective exercise, strength and conditioning, massage therapy, counselling and lifestyle coaching. His whole approach produces integrative and individualised programs that have helped athletes and individuals improve performance, prevent injuries, and improve health and vitality.


Matt started his career in Europe working with nutrition. Since being back in Sydney, he moved into strength & conditioning and has since become certified in manual therapies such as Remedial Massage, Visceral, Neural and Cranial Nerve Manipulation. 


Sweat it out Podcast with ihealth Saunas CEO Alex Tyson

Latest podcast with Alex from iHealth Saunas discussing ho we can take control of our stress response. In addition we explore how the current world events have shaped our stress biology.

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