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How a surgical scar caused neurological confusion in the knee muscles...

I had an interesting case study last week...

1️⃣ Presenting issue: Movement complaint, inability to move from seated to standing with weight on the right leg (important movement for getting in and out of your car). When client tries to initiate movement there is no power, he can’t even initiate the movement.

2️⃣ He has been advised to practice the movement more in the hope of strengthening it. The muscle that was blamed was the poor old ‘glutes’, a commonly blamed muscle.

3️⃣ We tested glutes and they were normotonic, no issues. However, when I tested his Quadricep muscle group and hamstring group all muscles tested up as ‘switched’.

4️⃣ What is switched? It’s when a muscle or the nervous system as a whole is firing inappropriately and opposite to what it should.

5️⃣ Often the cause for ‘focal switching’ is active nociceptive signals altering the neural signals.

6️⃣ Just above his knee there was a scar from a surgical procedure as it was a skin doner site from a previous burn injury on his right arm.

7️⃣ We corrected the signals using P-DTR and all muscles reset to normal tone. He was then able to stand up from seated on the right leg. We both were a bit blown away with how quick it was. The assessment and correction looked like this below:

8️⃣ Assessment took about 5 mins and the correction a few seconds. Now the muscles are ready to be strengthened and we did some isometrics plus some Gait based drills to load in the correction. Shows the power of functional neurology when used efficiently...

For full explanation watch this video below:

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