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How do we know our organs are causing our pains?

Did you know that your organs could be contributing to your pain or even inhibit (weaken) certain muscles?

1️⃣ The body is so smart it has well mapped out referral patterns that tell us when there is a potential issue with an organ system. How cool?

2️⃣ Some patterns are more well known such as left sided arm pain which often signals a problem in the heart and worst case a signal of an impending heart attack. Others are less known such as the right shoulder and neck pain sometimes caused by Liver issues either with its motility or mobility. Lower back pain is often associated to the Kidneys or Large Intestine. I have heard stories of people clearing out their intestines and removing back pain almost instantly.

3️⃣ All these organs and glands also have associated muscle relationships, as developed through the work of Applied Kinesiology. For instance, the TFL (Tensor Fascia Latae) will often be weak or inhibited when the Large Intestine is out of balance. The Subscapularis is associated to the Heart organ and meridian.

4️⃣ The brain will always prioritise power (nerve energy) and blood to the organs before the muscle, because obviously the organs are much more vital to our survival. So, often we can develop muscular imbalances purely from weakness or inhibition caused by energy issues in the organ or associated meridian.

5️⃣ The whole time the Insula Cortex is observing all this feedback and trying really hard to maintain homeostasis as we deal with inevitable life stressors which always effects the internal organs.

6️⃣ When you experience pain, tightness or weakness in your body, consider that it may be driven by an internal issue rather than a purely musculoskeletal problem next time.

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Do the masseter muscles correlate to the heart? I've been told I do not have any heart issues (by a cardiologist), yet my jaw is chronically clenched and sore. Perhaps it is grief!

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